Felix C. Gotschalk

3 Quotations from Felix C. Gotschalk

graviton n. 1979 F. C. Gotschalk Trip of Bradley Oesterhaus in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 113/2 We toggled our pod nacelles, the graviton fields eased us on to the ground, and we were back home, all safe and sound.
robot n. 1981 F. C. Gotschalk Take a Midget Step in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 91/2 [‘]Good evening, gentlemen’, the robot said…. The robot was a Robert Redford–Lee Majors physiog combo, and sported a slightly toned-down Schwartzenagger [sic] body.
speeder n. 1980 F. C. Gotschalk Among the Cliff-Dwellers of the San Andreas Canyon in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 13/1 The speeder blasted away, pluming a thick, white roostertail of bleached dust high in the air. Ibid. 14/2 Minutes later, the speeder was whistling over the sparsely populated fringes of the city.