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Philip E. High

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disruptor n. 1973 P. E. High Come, Hunt an Earthman (1985) 98 This one was a disrupter [sic] beam and invisible.
outworlder n. 1973 P. E. High Come, Hunt an Earthman (1985) 56 The weakness of his case, I had realised at once, was his lack of evidence of an alleged outworlder.
parallel universe n. 1958 P. E. High Shift Case in Nebula Science Fiction Mar. 26 I could be getting the answer to a million guesses. I could say it’s the future, a parallel universe, another dimension, even something from another life form in another universe.
psychohistorian n. 1958 P. E. High Lords of Creation in Nebula Science Fiction Dec. 80 Tomlin, the psycho-historian, you never could tell, could you?… A dry-as-dust profession and an appearance to go with it.