H. G. Stratmann

1 Quotation from H. G. Stratmann

spaceline n. 1999 H. G. Stratmann To Him Who Waits in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Dec. 61/2 ‘Your starship was delayed by an ion storm in the Cirrus system. I’m linked to the spaceport’s Primary Artificial Intelligence Network, and will inform you immediately when PAIN notifies me of your flight’s new estimated departure time.’ Kroosew stroked the back of his head fretfully, then noticed the clump of greasy gray hairs stuck to his palm. [...] The attendant murmured reassuringly, ‘Pan Galactic Spacelines, your “On Time, Some of the Time” spaceline, apologizes for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. I hope the hotel accommodations PAIN arranged for you during these delays have been satisfactory.’