Francis T. Laney

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combozine n. 1946 F. T. Laney Miscellania in Fan-Dango (#12) Summer 8 For the special PACIFICONGLOMERATION, the combozine flung together by that high flinger E Everett Evans, I am inserting pages 1-8 and 7-8.
egoboo n. 1946 F. T. Laney Comments on the Spring Mailing in Fan-Dango (#12) Summer 6 The warm glow of righteous egoboo arising usually makes the character feel quite kindly towards meโ€”and of course Iโ€™m not proud; I donโ€™t mind someoneโ€™s going to a good deal of trouble for me. Only trouble is, such a procedure knocks me out of my ego-boo. Ho hum.
fanarchistic adj. 1944 F. T. Laney in Fan-Dango #7 (Winter) 9 I am particularly struck with your underlying attitude that all these projects must be sponsored by the NFFF or some similar organization in order to be successful. Now I realise that my own personal fanarchistic attitude may perhaps be coloring my views, but I honestly cannot see the utility of the NFFF in such a connection.
fen n. 1943 F. T. Laney Open Letter to Members of FAPA in Fan-Dango (#3-A) 12 Dec. 1 It is obvious to all of us that Degler does not represent fandom in any way, but the tone of his publications is certain to mislead young, uninformed, and impressionable fen.
fuggheaded adj. 1949 F. T. Laney in Spacewarp (#31) Oct. 3 (subheading) Fluent, Fairly Fuggheaded Flippancies.