Jerry Shelton

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braintape n. 1946 J. Shelton Battle of the Brains in Thrilling Wonder Stories Spring 13/2 This is an electronic brain-tape message…. Do not be alarmed.
Earthian n. 2 1944 J. Shelton Culture in Astounding Science-Fiction Sept. 51/2 The native walked over to Benton and said in perfect Earthian ‘Well…I didn’t think I looked that surprised.’
gyrocab n. 1947 J. Shelton You Are Forbidden! in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 94/1 The sudden whine of the vanes of the gyrocab as it began to drop toward the landing-stage snapped him back to the present, and its new problems. He gradually pulled himself together as he saw Grand Terminus swell and expand in size beneath him. He felt the landing gear bump. He climbed out, paid the cabbie and walked to the information desk presenting his reservation for transport.
humanoid adj. 1944 J. Shelton Culture in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 46/1 I admit that it is decidedly a departure from the norm for a humanoid race to not appear interested in gainful trade—or acceptance of gifts.