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aerocab n. 1955 J. H. Haggard Homecoming in Fantastic Universe Aug. 126 Behind him, aerocabs came and went like insects, taking passengers across the swampglades to Loda City.
little green man n. 1936 J. H. Haggard Moon Crystals in Astounding Stories Jan. 34/2 He had saved the little green man’s life, and from that time on, Omar Klegg had been the one white man who could step foot on the bad-land soil of Venus without the aid of blazing needle-beam gats.
motherworld n. 1937 J. H. Haggard From Vacuum of Space in Astounding Stories Dec. 137/1 He realized that his mother world from which he had come in exile was lost among the tiny pin points of the farflung curtain of space.
space colony n. 1940 J. H. Haggard Universe in Darkness in Future Fiction Nov. 19/2 The spacer had come to rest in a circular expanse of black lava-basalt, while in the distances he saw the red compo-roofs of the clustered space colony.
space dog n. 1937 J. H. Haggard Renegade in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 88/2 From where Trant stood, he could see disc spaceports, beyond whose transparency were auras of noxious purple, a protonic emanation that clung to the scarred hull of the old space-dog ship like a battered armor. Occasionally he saw brilliant crimson flashes as the rays flashed upward from the entrenched warriors of Planetoid 42XY.
spacegram n. 1931 J. H. Haggard Adventure on Eros in Wonder Stories Sept. 547/2 In his hand he clutched a small square of blue paper which I instantly recognized as a spacegram. [...] I stared at it, swiftly perused it for some explanation to the horror. DEC 2012 INTERPLANETARY EARTHPORT IMPORTANT STOP DETAIN ALL SPACECRAFT LEAVING EARTH WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS STOP CLOUD OF STRANGE ELECTRO METEORITES BRUSHED PAST EROS CAUSING VIOLENT ELECTRICAL DISPLAY STOP SPACE CRUISER VALONDINE REFUELING AT EROS WITHIN THE HOUR AND LEAVING FOR EARTH COMMANDER MARSPORT
spacegram v. 1931 J. H. Haggard Adventure on Eros in Wonder Stories Sept. 549/1 ‘Don’t you see,’ said Professor D Four-Ten. ‘A simple problem in physics!’ For a moment I thought he was crazy. My own brain, yet revolving inwardly, could not so readily accept this calmness. Fears swept me, regrets, and the love of life. Surely this calm old fool was crazy. But his voice droned on and on. ‘A simple problem in physics. The cloud of meteorites charged the great lava-basalt sphere, which is Eros, to its very full. The Valondine, landing on Eros for refueling, became charged. Now it will attract us, sweep us to our death! The Martian Commander realized this and spacegrammed to earth. But it was too late, too late!’
space-tanned adj. 1933 J. H. Haggard Through the Einstein Line in Wonder Stories Nov. 395/1 His face, space-tanned to a healthy leather hue, was contorted with anger.
spy ray n. 1947 J. H. Haggard Girl of the Silver Sphere in Planet Stories Fall 118/2 Inside the room—the spy-ray danced…. It was a white heat applied to his brain fibre, a furnace of unknown forces fanned to utmost intensity. His mind reeled from the impact.
Terrene adj. 1 1929 ‘The Planet Prince’ My Little Martian Sweetheart (song) in Science Wonder Stories Nov. 495/2 For those blue eyes, all alluring, / Seem to beg a loving kiss, / And my dreams float swiftly backward, / To the scenes of Terra’s bliss. // For I see a Terrene cottage / Hung with vines of earthly green / Where, my little Martian sweetheart, / You will reign, my lifelong queen.