Dominic Green

3 Quotations from Dominic Green

BEM n. 1997 D. Green Everywhen in Interzone (#118) Apr. 29/1 The only tangible evidence the Automats had left of their erstwhile presence, apart from memories in the minds of Men and Bems.
everywhen n. [1997 D. Green Everywhen in Interzone Apr. 26/1 Welcome to Everywhen, popular dumping ground for the entire universe…. It was inside a cluster of these white dwarfs that Everywhen, the only planet in the sub-universe, was orbiting.]
Terrene adj. 1 2009 D. Green Butterfly Bomb in Year’s Best Science Fiction 27 (2010) 142 There was an ornamental greengarden next to the house, where he’d managed to keep a few terrene flowers alive outside the confines of a glasshouse—edelweiss, crocus, Alaskan lupin, heather, all chosen for the cold and rarefied air. He had kept the heather for the colour, and the bees.