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atmosphere suit n. 2009 E. Brown Cold Testing in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 67 Seconds later he revved the engine and nosed the vehicle from the garage. As it bucked over the frozen, uneven surface, I found an atmosphere suit and struggled into it.
core n. 1994 E. Brown Engineman 66 The Keilor-Vincicoff Organization ran the ’faces in the more populated sectors of the Expansion, but in the Core and out on the Rim the operation was conducted by smaller companies.
corpsicle n. 2009 E. Brown Cold Testing in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 66 Look, if it freezes to death we just unfreeze it, reboot it, and it’ll be as good as new. Or if its bod becomes a corpsicle, we just go back to the manufacturer and order another one.
cycle n. 2001 E. Brown Ascent of Man in Interzone (#167) May 53/1 They copulated frequently, and within a dozen cycles his mate was with child.
rimworld n. 1999 E. Brown Hunting the Slarque in Interzone Mar. 8/2 The very sailship journey from the rim world of Tartarus to the Core planet of Million would have bankrupted him.
space field n. 2 2012 E. Brown Helix Wars 309 A kilometre further on, Ellis saw the first signs of activity on the spacefield. Fliers came and went.
Tau Cetan n. 2009 E. Brown Cosmopath i. 19 He peered around the corner, looking for the tall jade-green Tau Cetian: all he saw were the smiling faces of Thais and Indians going about their endless daily business. Reassured, but still wary enough to keep his program enabled, he moved off down the alley.