Matthew Stover

2 Quotations from Matthew Stover

armorplast n. 2005 M. Stover Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 91 The hand he extended…wore a jointed gauntlet of armorplast. [Ibid. 92] He is built to dominate. The ceramic armorplast plates protecting limbs and torso and face can stop a burst from a starfighter’s laser cannon.
ringwall n. 2009 M. Stover Luke Skywalker & Shadows of Mindor xiii. 179 This had an effect like a slow-motion fusion blast, as the powerful thermal updraft sucked huge quantities of dust up into the firestorm, where the dust ignited in turn, becoming an expanding ringwall of flame that swept across Mindor’s shattered landscape toward the battle that raged around the volcanic dome.