Colin Kapp

7 Quotations from Colin Kapp

dimension n. 1977 C. Kapp Chaos Weapon v. 49 β€˜Why does he flicker like that?’ β€˜Because he travels in several dimensions, of which this is only one. He visits the others constantly, thus at no time is he fully here.’
empathic adj. 1976 C. Kapp Survival Game vii. 43 He was acutely conscious that the task of snatching control away from the ghost was nearly beyond his technical capabilities. The ransad ghost, unlike radio control, was an organic, empathic coupling, not designed to be rejected from the receiving end.
gravity drive n. 1972 C. Kapp Patterns of Chaos in Worlds of If Feb. 34/2 The ship settled to the vibrant thunder of the main gravity drive, which would be its prime mover until it was clear of the planetary system of which Onaris was part. Not until then could the cumbersome physical drive systems be abandoned in favor of the delicate subspace mechanisms which would flip the ship to its destination at mega[-]light velocities without regard to mass or momentum.
light barrier n. 2 1972 C. Kapp Patterns of Chaos in Worlds of If Feb. 57/1 Thirty-three seconds of gut-tearing, bone-straining agony, during which their craft was slipped through the light-barrier to be hurled at superluminal velocities across the galaxy.
pressor beam n. 1972 C. Kapp Patterns of Chaos in Worlds of If Feb. 34/1 The rising crescendo of the pressor beam projectors began to vibrate the whole fabric of the ship.
rimworld n. 1977 C. Kapp Chaos Weapon in Vortex May 10/3 That argument sounds convincing to us, but I doubt if it would cut much ice on a Rim world before the alien threat became a reality.
thruster n. 1969 C. Kapp Getaway from Getawehi in New Writings in SF-16 vi. 53 β€˜Make ready for touchdown. Cut outer jets. Full boost on central thruster...’ Van Noon’s voice continued precisely above the wave of sound as the mammoth ship loomed in the air above them.