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Laurence M. Janifer

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teleport n. 2 1960 ‘M. Phillips’ Occasion for Disaster in Analog Science Fact & Fiction Nov. 41/2 He’d found telepaths in insane asylums, and teleports among the juvenile delinquents of New York.
teleporter n. 1 1960 ‘M. Phillips’ Out Like a Light in Astounding Science Fact & Fiction June 153/2 It doesn’t do much good to know where a teleporter is, Malone thought. But it’s extremely handy to know where he’s going to be. And if you also know what he plans to do when he gets where he’s going, you've got an absolute lead-pipe cinch to work with.
transmat n. 1959 ‘L. M. Harris’ Obey That Impulse! in Future Science Fiction June 40/1 One of these days…, they’ll invent a Transmat that’ll set you down anywhere.
visiphone n. 1963 ‘M. Phillips’ Impossibles 112 He inclined his head in as courtly a bow as he could manage over a visiphone. ‘I am deeply honored,’ he said, ‘that Your Majesty has called on me. Is there any way in which I might be of service?’