Sergeant Saturn

3 Quotations from Sergeant Saturn

femmefan n. 1947 ‘Sergeant Saturn’ Letter in Startling Stories Jan. 107/1 Incidentally, where are all the femme fens? Only one, Lee Budoff, in this issue.
fen n. 1945 ‘Sergeant Saturn’ Review of the Science Fiction Fan Publications in Startling Stories Summer 94 The SISFA bible contains lists of new members fenbiographies by such notables as Kennedy, Kuttner and Sehnert.
spacegram n. 1941 ‘Sergeant Saturn’ in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 125 (editorial response) Pardon my velocity, rocketeers, but I’ll have to be reaching for the next spacegram. Well, dip me twice into the Red Spot of Jupiter if it isn’t another fan magazine announcement. If this ink-slinging fever keeps up, the three non-editing fans will join the Army and then you’ll all be editors.