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Earth-normal n. 1965 B. Wells The Followers in Worlds of If June 103/2 Ernest Lytte fought the cumulative pull of space madness with ever-increasing doses of drugs, and Jeff Carney struggled along with alcohol and forbidden carousing on humanoid planets enroute. But until now the third member of the Avalon had kept his balance near Earth Normal with his work and the several hundred spools of teleview adventure recordings that had been brought along.
nonhumanoid adj. 1947 B. Wells Scrambled World in Planet Stories Spring 84/2 β€˜This future civilization might be unfriendly and,’ he paused thoughtfully, β€˜even non-humanoid.’
space lock n. 1965 B. Wells Blind Alley in Worlds of If Feb. 58/2 A section of intact hull, complete with emergency space lock, thrust up through the tangled mass of tree roots and foliage of the prairie grove beneath which most of the ship lay buried.