Bud Sparhawk

3 Quotations from Bud Sparhawk

hull v. 1977 ‘B. Sparhawk’ Alba Krystal in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Jan. 88/2 Lots of ships get hulled in these skirmishes.
light n. 1 2007 ‘B. Sparhawk’ Broadside in Breach the Hull (2009) 141 ‘Are our drives spun up yet?’ ‘Aye, Sir. Set for one-quarter light. Blink on your command.’
superspace n. 2014 ‘B. Sparhawk’ Conquest in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Nov. 58/2 ‘Can I assume you were all citizens of Earth?’ [...] ‘Of course we are all citizens of...’ Suddenly he realized what the redheaded man had just said and paused. ‘Did you say were?’ Redhead shrugged. ‘Oh yes, Earth’s Imperium fell nearly three hundred years ago, more or less. We’re all members of the New Empire now, the one that merged with the Stellar Imperium fifty years ago.’ ‘But, but,’ Dax sputtered. How the devil had more than three centuries passed during their three-month transit through superspace?