Norman L. Knight

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biotechnician n. 1940 N. L. Knight Crisis in Utopia in Astounding Science-Fiction July 22/2 The process can be applied to human material—due care being taken not to tamper with the brain, which continues to be too uncertain an undertaking for the biotechnicians.
elsewhen adv. 1940 N. L. Knight Bombardment in Reverse in Astounding Science-Fiction Feb. 125 (caption) ‘By means of the belt…I will go into the future a bit.’ Whether that was where he went or not, he went elsewhere or elsewhen.
humanoid adj. [1940 N. L. Knight Crisis in Utopia in Astounding Stories Aug. 127/1 By causing artificial, controlled mutations they have succeeded in producing a mutated type of man…. The secrecy was vital, lest the sudden discovery of this widely divergent humanoid species bring a violent, murderous reaction from unprepared people.]