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Arthur J. Burks

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atomic engine n. 1927 A. J. Burks Invading Horde in Weird Tales Nov. 590/1 The motive power is supplied by a small, compact, atomic engine.
star lane n. 1939 A. J. Burks Follow the Bouncing Ball in Astounding Science-Fiction Mar. 49/1 [He] was down in the engine room at the very bottom of the egg-shaped mighty shipโ€”or rather it had once been mighty, before the real speedy monsters of the star lanes had been built.
telescreen n. 1938 A. J. Burks Challenge of Atlantis in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 52/1 Floods, fires, hold-ups, sports eventsโ€”nothing escaped the all-seeing powers of the telescreens.