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Henry Hasse

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earthgirl n. 1947 H. Hasse Trail of Astrogar in Amazing Stories Oct. 57/1 Kraaz picked up the gun then bulked in the center of the room, ignoring the Earth girl in the guise of a Ganymedian.
Earthian adj. 1947 H. Hasse Trail of Astrogar in Amazing Stories Oct. 46/1 It was not known whether this man was Earthian, Martian or Ganymedian.
Europan adj. 1943 A. dePina & H. Hasse Star of Panadur in Planet Stories Mar. 66/2 ‘We’re the first to find life on Europa, the only ones to see what inhabits it; and all you can think of is your damned stomach. You can’t be starved, you ate this morning!’ ‘Yes, and that was the last of it,’ Jim snarled. His face was ugly now and purposeful. ‘Well, I’m hungry again, and now that I’ve found these Europan kangaroos I aim to be fed and kept warm. Notice how fine that pelt is?’
telepath v. 1936 H. Hasse He Who Shrank in Amazing Stories Aug. 52/2 ‘I know that you would like to learn things about myself,’ I telepathed…. Reading his mind I could see that he had not received the thought, so I probed even deeper and again flashed the same thought. This time he did receive it, and there was an answering light in his eyes.