Richard S. Shaver

10 Quotations from Richard S. Shaver

beam weapon n. 1952 R. S. Shaver The Sun-Smiths in Other Worlds Aug. 60/2 The stranger…had flashed his beam weapon upon him and cut him down.
grav n. 1 1946 R. S. Shaver Earth Slaves to Space in Amazing Stories Sept. 41/2 But I had much to learn, for as the Darkspear nosed down to a landing beside the Freyan ship in the sea of Freyanania, I saw that there were indeed wonders on this little planet, which had quite a strong gravity, for as we shut off the gravs and all the motors of the Darkspear, the load on our feet decreased but little.
insectoid adj. 1953 R. S. Shaver Beyond the Barrier in Other Worlds Jan. 103/2 They revealed a long-bodied insectoid creature, rather attractively colored in a complex green and gold pattern. They went upon two legs, and used their other six legs for wielding tools, the tools with which they destroyed their forests and their soil. Their heads were handsome, almost animal in shape, with well defined nose and chin like humans.
mind-controlled adj. 1949 ‘S. Raycraft’ Pillars of Delight in Amazing Stories Dec. 31/2 Here in this world of motile mind-controlled force we can shape our thoughts into things about us.
sci-fic n. 1971 R. S. Shaver Letter in Amazing Stories Nov. 111/2 About the time I left the sci-fic scene…sex took over as the main theme of sci-fic as well as in other fields. [ellipsis in orig.]
space-burned adj. 1946 R. S. Shaver Earth Slaves to Space in Amazing Stories Sept. 39/2 They peered through the darkness in the cell and one tall, space-burned female, her burly body aglitter with metal ornaments, and with a long dis-ray hung on each hip, her leather harness chased with figures of the outlandish animals of Tiran, cried: ‘Here they are; two slaves who flaunt their murder of our highest and our best, Divnani, the kindest, most worthy of all the Tiran women!’
space gun n. 2 1946 ‘R. S. Shaver & B. McKenna’ Return of Sathanas in Amazing Stories Nov. 44/2 We rounded a curve in the companionway and nearly barged into a ray-post unannounced. At the controls of the huge space gun sat a big Angle in the uniform of Sathanas' service.
space platform n. 1952 R. S. Shaver Sun-Smiths in Other Worlds Aug. 67/1 June was breathless in anticipation, especially after the marvelous mechanisms and perfect appointments she had seen in the space platform.
spy ray n. 1949 R. S. Shaver Fall of Lemuria in Other Worlds Nov. 23/2 She sensed it had been watching some member of this household, and she knew then it was a spy ray, for her family were all apt to be engaged in important defense work for the safety of her people. It had been taking notes of the sleeping minds in this house for a long time. Taking thought records from the sleeping minds of the details of the routing of supplies.
Tellus n. 1953 R. S. Shaver Beyond the Barrier in Other Worlds Jan. 104/1 They swooped down over it, and it was as Tyron said, a very ancient craft, of the indestructible perdurable metal of the ancients who had colonized Tellus so long ago.