R. F. Starzl

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astrogating n. 1932 F. Pragnell & R. F. Starzl Venus Germ in Wonder Stories Nov. 492/2 Haye breathed easier. The very fact that he was still alive proved that the astrogating officers had the situation in hand.
needle-ray n. 1931 R. F. Starzl If the Sun Died in Astounding Stories Aug. 206/2 One shout, and a dozen needle-rays would no doubt perforate his body with holes and slash his flesh with smoldering cuts.
planet-wide adj. 1932 R. F. Starzl Martian Cabal in Astounding Stories May 204/2 A planet-wide sentimental spree over the revival of the monarchy and the marriage of the beautiful and popular princess.
terrestial n. 1930 R. F. Starzl Planet of Dread in Astounding Stories of Super-Science Aug. 152/2 Despite his hunger Forepaugh did not dare eat any of it, knowing that this species, strange to him, might easily be one of the many on Inra that are poisonous to terrestials. [Ibid. 157/2] β€˜What the hell’s going on here?’ asked the cocky little terrestial who was skipper, stepping out and surveying the castaways.