R. F. Starzl

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astrogating n. 1932 F. Pragnell & R. F. Starzl Venus Germ in Wonder Stories Nov. 492/2 Haye breathed easier. The very fact that he was still alive proved that the astrogating officers had the situation in hand.
needle-ray n. 1931 R. F. Starzl If the Sun Died in Astounding Stories Aug. 206/2 One shout, and a dozen needle-rays would no doubt perforate his body with holes and slash his flesh with smoldering cuts.
pseudopod n. 1930 R. F. Starzl Planet of Dread in Astounding Stories of Super-Science Aug. 156/2 What they saw gave their jaded nerves an unpleasant thrillβ€”a mass of doughy matter of a blue-green color about three feet in diameter, with something that resembled a cyst filled with transparent liquid near its center. And this thing began to flow along the rods, much as tar flows. From the mass extended a pseudopod; touched Gunga on the arm. Instantly the arm was raw and bleeding. Terrified, immovable, he writhed in angony [sic]. The pseudopod returned to the main mass, disappearing into its interior with the strip of bloody skin.