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sapient adj. 1935 B. Olsen Who Deserves Credit? in Amazing Stories Feb. 81 When EXPLORATION blazed through space…And found men, sapient, on Mars, He gained renown’s most honored place.
space bus n. 1929 B. Olson Flight in 1999 in Air Wonder Stories Sept. 264/1 And, by the way, Zamot, you might also arrange to have the other Purple Woman taken off the space[-]bus.
spacefarer n. 1936 B. Olsen Space Marines & the Slavers in Amazing Stories Dec. 71/2 The three spacefarers blasted their way through that perilous merry-go-round of cosmic junk known as ‘the zone of asteroids’.
teleview n. 1929 B. Olsen Phantom Teleview in Science Wonder Stories Nov. 489/1 ‘As the name indicates…the Teleview is a device for viewing things that happen at a distance.’ ‘Oh, I see…. It’s a television apparatus.’ ‘Not at all…. My invention is quite different from the regular televisor. To be sure, it is like television in the sense that it enables one to see things at a distance, but the essential difference between the Teleview and a Televisor is this: For Television it is necessary to have both a sending and a receiving apparatus…. The Teleview is not hedged in by any such restrictions. All the apparatus is concentrated at the receiving end. No sending set is required. Within certain limits, it may be focused on any spot so that one actually sees the events themselves, exactly as they happen.’