Leslie F. Stone

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hell planet n. 1932 ‘L. F. Stone’ in Wonder Stories June (title) The Hell Planet.
matter transmitter n. 1931 ‘L. F. Stone’ Conquest of Gola in Wonder Stories Apr. 1280/1 With me at her side, Geble hastened to the beam station and there in the matter transmitter we dispatched our physical beings to the palace at Tola.
Plutonian n. 2 1950 ‘L. F. Stone’ Rape of Solar System in Flight Into Space 239 At first, during the long journey back to earth, I tried to study the Plutonian glossary with Cart, but it was hard sledding, and, as I have said, I am not a student.
Sol n. 1 1929 ‘L. F. Stone’ Out of the Void in Amazing Stories Aug. 454/1 Directly behind us lay the Sun, a great flaming ball that was blinding. A little to the left, appearing as large though not as bright as old Sol, was Mother Earth.
Vulcanite n. 1932 ‘L. F. Stone’ Hell Planet in Wonder Stories June ii. 18/1 What interested the Tellurians the most was the fact that the arrows and a few spears that appeared now and then were tipped with white metal cosmicite! The metal seemed in common use among the Vulcanites, yet at the same time was held in veneration.