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life tube n. 1939 ‘L. F. Stone’ Space Terror in Spaceways (#6) i. 4 Following instructions to the letter the Morton family dropped the money-globe at the spot designated in the abduction note, in one of the Luna craters. Then came the grim sequel to the story. Notified the boy was safe in a Life-tube headed into Earth Sector 230 Quadrant 1 the Morton family hastened to the spot in a space-yacht named the Comet, followed by a squadron of ISP to insure [sic] a quick pick-up of the life-tube. But the tube was not found for fourteen heart-breaking hours. As the tube was without lights it was a miracle that it was found at all, but the child was dead.
Saturnian adj. 1931 ‘L. F. Stone’ Across Void in Amazing Stories Apr. iv. 24/1 Nothing seems beyond the power of that tremendous brain! Why, then, with such a mind, should we be surprised that he is able to seek out the minds of those dwelling on this world, learn what there is to know of them, converse with them through the medium of the brain? I have seen it happen before—on one of the Saturnian moons. Only those people were unfriendly and we did not descend there, for we wished no trouble.
ship n. 1 1929 L. F. Stone Out of the Void in Amazing Stories Aug. 454/2 Dick and I share alike in all the chores aboard our ‘ship’. We have arranged to take turns at arranging meals, each vying to make his or her meal the most appetizing, and at the same time conserving the fresh foods. Of dish-washing we make a great ado, jealously attempting to prove our individual superiority in the feat. We are both reading the heavy books with which Professor Rollins so thoroughly stocked the cupboards—books that teach us even more about what we are to expect on Mars.
Sol n. 1 1929 L. F. Stone Out of Void in Amazing Stories Aug. 454/1 Directly behind us lay the Sun, a great flaming ball that was blinding. A little to the left, appearing as large though not as bright as old Sol, was Mother Earth.