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Otis Adelbert Kline

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Earthbound adj. 2 1930 O. A. Kline Man from the Moon in Amazing Stories Oct. 656/1 Thus cut off from interplanetary travel—for I did not know how to construct another ether ship—I found myself earthbound. I immediately set about learning the simple language of the savages, living in a dwelling of skins tied to light poles, because of the frequent earthquake shocks.
spacecraft n. 1942 H. Cord & O. A. Kline Meteor-Men of Mars in Planet Stories Winter 114/2 Unharmed the fugitives passed through the dilating door, and dipped down the side of the huge space craft.
space gun n. 2 1939 O. A. Kline Race Around the Moon in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 103/1 Kendall has just landed beside us—has his space guns trained on us. His men, armed with bomb guns, are swarming around the ship and have made all of Lawler’s men outside prisoners.
visiphone n. 1930 O. A. Kline Man from the Moon in Amazing Stories Oct. 655/1 Finding my door unlocked I rushed from the room. Presently I blundered into the great deserted room from which the official Martian ether visiphone messages had formerly been sent to Magong. Opening a switch, I found that the power was still on, and signaled the station of my father. My heart gave a leap of joy when his face suddenly appeared in the disc before me.