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anti-agathic n. 1970 E. C. Tubb Spawn of Jupiter in Vision of Tomorrow Aug. 41/1 All that was important was that the shedeena crystals were an anti-agathic, an anti-death drug which enabled the old, the rich, the influential to gain renewed youth and extended virility.
blowup n. 1954 E. C. Tubb Tomorrow in Science Fantasy May 7 This was a free world, had been since the Blowup, and a man did what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. That was freedom, and I was free. But I still had to eat.
ftl adj. 1951 E. C. Tubb Entrance Exam in New Worlds Science Fiction Winter 81 A Mark II FTL engine, plentifully supplied with fuel.
generation ship n. 1955 E. C. Tubb Star Ship in New Worlds Science Fiction June 125 ‘What I can’t understand is why, if the Builders had perfected suspended animation, they had to have personnel at all. Why not staff the Ship with men and women in deep-freeze, send off the Ship, and let them waken when they had arrived?’ ‘First, there are two ways by which men can reach the stars. One is by suspended animation as you have suggested, the other is by generation ship, which this is. We have combined both and so avoided the weaknesses inherent in either. The generation ship depends on new blood replacing the old, but the danger is that the new blood will forget what it should remember. Sixteen generations is a long time, Jay. Even with continual use of educational tapes it is still hard for some people to accept the fact that the Ship is nothing but a metal can drifting in the void. To them the Ship is the universe and they just can’t imagine anything possibly being bigger. The Deep-freeze method is just as bad. Then the personnel have to rely wholly on automatic machinery, even as we do, but they are far more vulnerable than a generation ship could ever be. And there is another thing. We still aren’t certain that they will be fertile after deep-freeze. The animals are, the men and women should be, but no one has ever rested in suspended animation for more than three hundred years before. It was a chance we dared not take.’
lasgun n. 1969 E. C. Tubb Quarry in Vision of Tomorrow Dec. 4/2 No rocket-missiles, no lasguns, nothing but a short-range weapon with open sights.
solar n. 1959 E. C. Tubb Orange in Worlds of If Nov. 116/2 It is always an education to find out just how much a man values his existance [sic]. ‘Five thousand solars— payable when my enemy has been eliminated.’ I swallowed my drink and headed toward the door. He caught my arm as I passed. ‘Ruby! For God’s sake!’ ‘What?’ ‘How much do you want?’ ‘Ten thousand solars now. Ten more when the job is finished.’
terrestial n. 1952 E. C. Tubb Third Party in New Worlds Mar. 54 ‘He shouldn’t have died as he did. Something went wrong. What?’…‘I don’t know. Terrestials are still something of an unknown quantity.’