Francis Flagg

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speeder n. 1932 ‘F. Flagg’ Resistant Ray in Amazing Stories July 348/1 He whistled softly to himself, for under a thatched roof of yucca and bear grass stood a try-sky speeder of most modern make and design.
telescreen n. 1932 F. Flagg After Armageddon in Wonder Stories Sept. 343/2 It was on the tele-screen that I viewed the mobs coursing through the streets; via the news-dispenser I listened to the latest tidings from all over the country.
time radio n. 1934 F. Flagg Mentanicals in Amazing Stories Apr. 77/2 You know radio—yes, radio—they have been utilizing discoveries in that field to send messages back in time. Your coming here has not been accidental—do you understand that?—not entirely accidental. By means of their time-radio they have willed your coming.