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blast rifle n. 1935 F. B. Long Exiles of the Stratosphere in Astounding Stories July 44/1 He responded to the awful peril with a grim competence. Seizing the handle of his blast rifle he swung it swiftly about.
earth folk n. 1936 F. B. Long Cones in Astounding Stories Feb. 124/1 Intrepid Earthfolk, suicide battalion people, walking slowly in their flexible suits of difrolchrome, weighted down with high-frequency coils and oxygen tanks and thigh-weights, and living, from instant to instant, dangerously.
energy weapon n. 1944 F. B. Long Bridgehead in Astounding Science Fiction Aug. 124/1 The compact little energy weapon in the Interrogator’s clasp tore a gaping hole in the giant’s chest, spun him about, broke his back, and almost cut him in two.
force screen n. 1939 F. B. Long Dweller in Outer Darkness in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 68/2 The blast tubes in his hands were trained on me, but I knew I'd be safe enough and that Helen Torrey and Miles would remain unscathed. The refracting belts had built up an invisible force-screen about them.
gravity plate n. 1943 F. B. Long Stellar Vampires in Science Fiction July 80/1 But there was nothing normal about a gravity plate that had resisted the tug of Mars only to buckle on little Phobos, crippling our ship on a blue moon that traveled in the wrong direction, and possessed a diameter of only eight minutes of arc when it was at its zenith.
plasteel n. 1945 ‘L. Northern’ Skyrover in Startling Stories Winter 92/1 One day, while they had been building a series of plasteel pillboxes, as a change from digging, one of the silicoidos came to life.
space explorer n. 1936 F. B. Long Cones in Astounding Stories Feb. 124/1 He had become a space explorer, an adventurer of the skyways.