Vol Molesworth

2 Quotations from Vol Molesworth

stef n. [1940 V. Molesworth Letter in Voice of the Imagi-Nation (#10) 6 It seems as tho’ someone has declared unofficial WAR on stefansβ€”first Moxon (ed IMAGINATIVE STORYS) goes down with double pneumonia; we hear Mustchin is upset in a speedboat accident; Steve Taylor (co-ed AUSTRA-FANTASY) gets diptheria; Al P Roberts gets in the way of a truck (but it is rumored Miske is responsible); and now Herr Doktor Vomoswoth is superintended by women in white.]
Terran n. 1 1940 V. Molesworth Space-Man Strikes Back in Horizons Apr. 12 He broke off as Dic gave a murderous oath, and snatched a weapon from his belt. Instantly, the lithe young Terran hurled himself at the Procyonan, and together they crashed to the ground.