Juanita Coulson

2 Quotations from Juanita Coulson

space-pale adj. 1976 J. Coulson Space Trap 45 The crash landng had left a network of bruises on R.C.’s face and hands. Right now those bruises looked very dark against a space-pale skin.
superheroine n. 1973 J. Coulson Of (Super) Human Bondage in Comic-Book Book (1974) 232 The critics of the comics have castigated the superheroines for their violence, aggressiveness, and lack of femininity. But they’ve forgotten: the superheroine was born in that time just before and during World War II. The young comic-book reader was steeped in that war and its Zeitgeist. It wasn’t very feminine to die in a bombing raid or a sinking hospital ship, either; but in every newsreel (between that week’s serial chapter and the trailers) kids saw or heard about women dying in just such ways.