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fantasy n. 1 2020 N. K. Jemisin Foreword in Steven Universe: End of an Era 11/1 See, what a lot of people don’t get about fantasy is that one of its purposes is to mirror the self. Technically, all fiction does this! But fantasy in particular highlights the myths that undergird our culture and personal histories, as well as those that outline the agency we’re permitted. Basically, fantasy teaches us who can be a hero and how heroism works.
gravitic adj. 2020 N. K. Jemisin City We Became v. 129 That’s what’s causing the gravitic shifts, he suspects; too much mass and breadth in one place at the same time. Perhaps because of this inherent contradiction with the laws of Normal New York physics, however, that vision never lasts.
mind-control v. 2020 N. K. Jemisin City We Became xiii. 357 I don’t care how many people they’re paying off or mind-controlling, even eldritch abominations can’t get a construction permit overnight in this city.
multiversal adj. 2020 N. K. Jemisin City We Became xiii. 361 My father bled for them buildings, and these multiversal motherfuckers stole my goddamn house.