Andrew Porter

3 Quotations from Andrew Porter

crudzine n. 1988 A. Porter 1987: Major Events of Year in Science Fiction Chronicle (#102) Mar. 40/1 The revolution that is desktop publishing makes an attractive fanzine within the reach of even the clumsiest fan. No more struggling with torn mimeo stencils, no more agonizing work to justify a column of type. Now even the worst writing can look attractive, and our standards for what is a crud[-]zine change forever. Meanwhile, Australia’s last manufacturer of mimeograph paper is rumored to be ending production. Spirit duplicator paper is already extinct in America. And technology marches on.
faanish adj. 1996 A. I. Porter Ed Wood (obituary) in Science Fiction Chronicle Oct. 40/1 A lifelong sercon—serious constructive—fan, rather than a faanish one, he was a co-founder of Advent:Publishers, whose many works over the years include such seminal works as Damon Knight’s In Search of Wonder, Robert Bloch’s The Eighth Stage of Fandom, Lloyd Eshbach’s Of Worlds Beyond, Alva Rogers’s A Requiem for Astounding and Alexei Panshin’s Heinlein in Dimension.
faanish adj. 1997 G. Farber & A. I. Porter Tom Perry (obituary) in Science Fiction Chronicle Oct. 22/2 Tom’s zines were like his writing: always thoughtful, carefully done, fannish, yet substantive and of import. He combined the faanish touch of a Lee Hoffman or a Bob Tucker with the care and weight of a Redd Boggs.