Stanley Mullen

2 Quotations from Stanley Mullen

Callistan n. 1 1956 S. Mullen Lair of Phoenix in Fantastic Universe Apr. ii. 9/1 Neither were there any vacant tables. Jason Hart solved that problem by hurling a gaunt, large-eared Callistan to the floor and taking over. Such treatment was traditional for Callistans, and was accepted by them as a necessary evil when they were so foolhardy as to mingle with Earthmen and Martians. Jackals who scavenge at a feast of lions can expect little courtesy of their hosts. The Callistan scowled and muttered fiercely for a moment, and then ignominiously departed.
starway n. 1958 S. Mullen Guppy in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 127/2 Together, they roved the starways, trod the dark, soundless emptiness of space.