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actifan n. 1950 โ€˜R. Phillipsโ€™ Club House in Amazing Stories Nov. 151/2 One thing about this โ€™zine, published for the International Science Fiction Correspondence Club, is that it improves with each issue, or so it is fondly hoped. Circulation increases, but it could grow more if enough fans hear of it. ISFCC is international in more than its name and merits actifan attention.
omniverse n. 1948 R. Phillips Cube Root of Conquest in Amazing Stories Oct. 17/2 Blend or multiply the two together and you get unity, which is reality in our plane of the omniverse.
omniverse n. 1950 โ€˜C. Amesโ€™ Victims of Vortex in Amazing Stories July 33/2 He was getting the whole picture. The grand overall scheme of the omniverse.
time police n. 1950 โ€˜P. Worthโ€™ Typewriter from the Future in Amazing Stories Feb. 61/1 The now you use is a time-point and moving at right angles to the time stream you call past and future, and also another point moving at right angles to it. If the time police find out about it you will not be here now in the other time.