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aircab n. 1970 G. Eklund Dear Aunt Annie in Fantastic Stories Apr. 85/1 I hail a passing aircab and we head through the heat to the nearest AVC (Anti-Violence Clinic). It’s a nice trip as the driver keeps silent.
construct n. 1980 G. Benford & G. Eklund Find the Changeling iv. 79 The woman was an Alvean. Despite her broad hips, loose breasts, and thick pouting lips, she was a construct, a pseudo-human, a creature designed for life on this alien world.
Dyson sphere n. 1978 G. Eklund Starless World v. 19 I thought that’s where you might be heading. A Dyson sphere.
floater n. 1973 G. Eklund Free City Blues in T. Carr Universe 3 155 The tall, stately towers near the floater terminal quickly gave way to smaller two- and three-story houses. [Ibid. 157] After turning twelve, she had never seen another human being in the flesh except for Grandfather until yesterday when she caught the floater.
home star n. 1974 G. Eklund & G. Benford If Stars are Gods in T. Carr Universe 4 129 Among the stars of the universe, his place is not great, but as our home star, we must revere him.
phaser n. 1978 G. Eklund Starless World vii. 30 I…discovered that the ship’s phasers were no longer functional.
Terran adj. 1978 G. Eklund Starless World i. 2 Mr. Spock, his Vulcan first officer, whose knowledge of Terran literature was immense.
three-D n. 1971 G. Benford & G. Eklund West Wind, Falling in T. Carr Universe 1 16 The mammoth 3D mounted on one wall had been scrounged out of spare parts several years after the Zephyr expedition was launched.
three-D n. 1971 G. Benford & G. Eklund West Wind, Falling in T. Carr Universe 1 17 But the 3D tapes he’d seen: people jammed together like dogs in a kennel; food rationed; wars and riots; shades of bleak, shades of gray.
uchronian adj. 1974 G. Eklund All Times Possible 3 All Times Possible is a uchronian novel about America as it could easily have been had there been some slight divergencies [sic] in the political currents of the past few decades.
warp drive n. 1978 G. Eklund Starless World vi. 25 Perhaps they never discovered the warp drive.