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Earthsider n. 1966 J. Brunner Long Way to Earth in Worlds of If Mar. 26/2 This was a firm big enough and inarguably profitable enough to tolerate such minor budget items as repatriation of an Earthsider.
holocam n. 1968 J. Brunner Stand on Zanzibar (1971) 33 Strung about with Japanind Holocams with…LazeeLaser monochrome lamps.
worm n. 1975 J. Brunner Shockwave Rider (1977) 25 Fluckner had resorted to one of the oldest tricks in the store and turned loose in the continental net a self-perpetuating tapeworm, probably headed by a denunciation group ‘borrowed’ from a major corporation, which would shunt itself from one nexus to another every time his credit-code was punched into a keyboard. It could take days to kill a worm like that, and sometimes weeks.