Mercurio D. Rivera

2 Quotations from Mercurio D. Rivera

realspace n. 2008 M. D. Rivera Scent of Their Arrival in Interzone (#214) Feb. 44/1 Some blamed it on an arms race run amok, a new weapon that ripped open the fabric of realspace and created the Fissure, a three-dimensional rectangle of light.
telescanner n. 2012 M. D. Rivera Missionaries in Asimovโ€™s Science Fiction June 55 We step onto a balcony overlooking the stationโ€™s ground floor, which extends a quarter mile across and teems with activity. Thousands of monitors glow green and red inside an endless catacomb of cubbyholes. In an open area in the center of the floor a massive telescanner points up at the glass-domed ceiling. Bots scurry about and scores of workers in red jumpsuits tinker with an array of metal pipes that stretch hundreds of feet from floor to ceiling. The nearest workers stop what theyโ€™re doing to observe us.