3 Quotations from Morojo

fankind n. 1940 โ€˜4Eโ€™ & โ€˜Morojoโ€™ Voice of Voice in Voice of Imagi-Nation (#5) Apr. 1 Glenn, U restore our faith in fankind!
femmefan n. 1940 โ€˜Morojoโ€™ Conventions in STF-ETTE (#1) Sept. 9 This year, in addition to all the other anticipated pleasures, we shall have Pogo & Trudy with us. These, together with Gerku, Perri & I, who were at the NYCON, will make five femme fans.
sci-fic n. 1940 โ€˜Forryโ€™ & โ€˜Morojoโ€™ Hash Ish in Voice of the Imagi-Nation (#9) Sept. 3 Almost unheralded comes IMAG-INDEX, LAโ€™s latest contribution to fandom. Presenting Table of Contents of every pro sci-fic mag from โ€™26 to โ€™38... 72 mimeod pages between stiff covers, priced at only 50c!