G. David Nordley

1 Quotation from G. David Nordley

Asimovian adj. 2 2006 C. S. Lowe & G. D. Nordley Kremer’s Limit in Analog Science Fiction & Fact July–Aug. iii. 94/2 ‘The controller would have to be very sophisticated, possibly even a non-Asimovian AI,’ Sarah said. The idea of an AI not limited by the laws of robotics disquieted Hilda. ‘Chaos, these people have blinders on if they’d do that!’ [...] ‘Our AI’s should help us against that kind of threat.’ Sarah shrugged. ‘They’d try to protect us, but remember that our opponents are people, too. Typically Asimovian AI’s stay out of people conflicts until physical harm to someone becomes a real possibility, whatever their evaluation of the potential perpetrators.’