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dirtsider n. 2001 D. Gerrold Bouncing Off Moon 26 I do not think anyone will go to Earth for a long time. I certainly will not. I have Luna muscles, Luna bones. I have no desire to be toothpick-man on planet of crazy dirtsiders.
holodeck n. 1987 D. Gerrold Encounter at Farpoint (pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation) 106 This is great… I've never seen a holodeck this big.
holodeck n. 1987 D. Gerrold Encounter at Farpoint (pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation) 105 It was too late for classes to be in session, and he thought he might find other teenagers somewhere on the recreation or holodecks.
Loonie n. 1998 D. Gerrold Jumping off the Planet in Science Fiction Age Jan. 53/2 Alexei is a native Loonie, down here for college and muscles.
sentience n. 1 2001 D. Gerrold Bouncing Off Moon 307 Intelligence exists as the ability to recognize patterns. Self-awareness is intelligence recognizing the patterns of its own self. Sentience is the ownership of that awareness—the individual begins to function as the source, not the effect of his own perceptions. Even being able to speak of sentience in such a context is evidence of it.
spacing n. 2 1972 D. Gerrold Yesterday's Children 122 ‘Hey, does anybody know what the penalty for mutiny is?’ ‘Last I heard, it was death by spacing.’
timequake n. 2005 D. Gerrold In the Quake Zone in Year’s Best Science Fiction 23 (2006) 272 Got off the plane in San Francisco, caught a Greyhound south, curled up to sleep, and the San Andreas time-fault let loose. It was the first big timequake and I woke up three years later.
trekkie n. 1973 D. Gerrold Trouble With Tribbles 3 The intensity of those who wanted to make that big leap was incredible. It still is. (They're still writing their Star Trek stories even though there’s no longer a Star Trek to sell them to. But that doesn’t stop them, not at all. To a real Trekkie, Star Trek goes on forever.