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Ralph Milne Farley

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ant-man n. 1942 ‘R. M. Farley’ Radio Planet in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Apr. 16/1 Then the ant-man clattered rapidly off down the corridor, taking the precious cartridge with him.
matter transmission n. [1925 ‘R. M. Farley’ Radio Beasts in Argosy-Allstory Weekly 21 Mar. 482/1 Myles, while experimenting with the wireless transmission of matter, had accidentally projected himself through space to the planet Venus.]
matter-transmitting adj. 1925 ‘R. M. Farley’ Radio Beasts in Argosy-Allstory Weekly 11 Apr. 114/2 The matter-transmitting apparatus was hopelessly wrecked; the radio set partially so.
time-travelling n. 1940 ‘R. M. Farley’ Time-Wise Guy in Amazing Stories May 8/1 You know perfectly well that time-traveling is the bunk. I'm a bit too bright to fall for anything like that.