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construct n. 1981 T. Lee Silver Metal Lover v. 147 ‘You see,’ he said, ‘nobody damn well says “what do you need?” to a bloody robot.’ ‘There is some law which forbids me to say it?’ ‘The law of human superiority.’ ‘You are superior.’ ‘Not quite. I’m an artifact. A construct. Timeless. Soulless.’
extraterrestrial adj. 2011 T. Lee Black Fire in Space is Just a Starry Night (2013) 118 I didn’t know you could have fire like that, black fire—it must be a phenomenon associated with certain types of extraterrestrial objects.
grav n. 1 2009 T. Lee Sky Won’t Listen in Sky Whales and Other Wonders 23 I informed the captains of what I’d be doing. By then Spanish Lady’s gravs had warmed to full power. I watched as we made lift-up through the ice sky and the fading purple, into a darkness where the city lost its glare, and instead the bright wasps of stars had left their silver-swollen stings.
groundside adv. 2013 T. Lee Within the Ghost in Space is Just a Starry Night 208 On both occasions the problem was comparatively slight. A malfunctioning refrigeration unit flooding the storage deck; a solar flare of some kind that temporarily impeded communications with the station’s Connect HQ groundside.