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cyberspace n. 2012 M. Atwood Arguing Against Ice Cream in In Other Worlds 136 Maybe we can be born again, this time out of an artificial head instead of a natural body, and download the contents of our brains into machines, and linger around in cyberspace, as in William Gibsonโ€™s novels. Though if youโ€™ve read William Gibson, youโ€™ll know the place is a queasy nightmare.
Planet X n. 2011 M. Atwood Burning Bushes: Why Heaven and Hell Went to Planet X in In Other Worlds: SF & the Human Imagination 45 [H]earing a bush speak...could happen easily in a fairy tale, however, or a โ€˜fableโ€™ like Alice in Wonderland, or in a Greek myth at the point at which some hapless maiden is being transformed into a sapling or other item of vegetation by a god. And it could happen effortlessly on Planet X.
time n. 1993 M. Atwood Robber Bride xii. 73 Trying to go back in time, to create the perfect pre-teen bedroom she once longed for but never had.