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Frankenstein complex n. 1992 M. Scott Dreamships i. 32 ‘For what that’s worth,’ Vaughn said. He snorted, slanted a conspiratorial smile in Jian’s direction. ‘And they say only yanquis develop Frankenstein’s complex.’ ‘That’s Frankenstein complex,’ Libra muttered, unfortunately just loud enough to be heard.
geas n. 1985 M. Scott Five-Twelfths of Heaven v. 168 A geas was a mental bond, a set of compulsions created by a magus to produce desired behavior; it was unbreakable, and permanent unless a magus removed the restriction.
kilohour n. 1995 M. Scott Shadow Man v. 117 Jhirad and Valmy had been on Hara for nearly two hundred kilohours—better than sixteen local years, four standard contracts—and in that time they had gotten a reputation as tough but honest.