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ant-man n. 1995 S. Baxter Ant-Men of Tibet in Interzone May 11 The nearest Ant-Man took a single, angular step towards me. He was perhaps five feet all. His legs were so thin they were more like bare bones, I thought, than fleshy limbs. His body seemed segmented…. His head was a sort of pear-shape.
Earthish n. 2015 S. Baxter Endurance 92 She grinned, showing good teeth, and said something in a liquid dialect that Stillich’s systems began to translate for him. He waved that away. ‘Speak Earthish,’ he snapped.
planetary engineering n. 2013 S. Baxter Proxima x. 54 Yes, he had needed some big-scale equipment, but even though he had reused a solar-power station, itself a much-hated relic of the past Heroic age with its hubristic planetary engineering schemes, he would use energies of orders of magnitude less than those that had hurled Dexter Cole to Proxima.